When to Use Double Roman Roof Tiles


30th January 2018

Double Roman roof tiles have survived through the ages in various forms. Today, the traditional design is more commonly installed using the concrete version of the tile. Learn more about the history of the tile and their advantages as well as the number required for your building. Read on to learn whether they are suitable for your home or building project and discover the potential costs involved.

What are Double Roman Roof Tiles?

The Double Roman roof tile came about as an evolution of the original Tegula and Imbrex tiles used by the Roman Empire after they first arrived in the UK. The distinctive flat design with a roll on the right-hand side has remained the same ever since. They are also available as single roman roof tiles, although these are harder to source and less commonly used. The use of clay in the manufacture of Double Roman tiles has been largely replaced by concrete.

Double Roman Roofing Tiles - Roof Stores
Double Roman Roofing Tiles

Production of clay Double Roman roof tiles stopped a number of decades ago due to a drop in demand as concrete become a more cost-effective choice. Manufacturer Sandtoft did reintroduce the material with the Bridgwater Double Roman Somerset tile in response to requirements in the South West of England, although this is now the only one of its kind available on the market.

Advantages of Double Roman Roof Tiles

The traditional look that Double Roman roof tiles provide continues to be one of its biggest selling points. Clay versions of the tile are harder to source and work to longer turnaround times. However, concrete Double Roman roof tiles provide plenty of alternatives.

The interlocking technology used in many concrete versions of the tile make it much easier to install. This will help not only reduce material costs but labour overheads too. Plus, completion of the roof takes up a much less time.

An Example of Double Roman Roofing - Roof Stores
An Example of Double Roman Roofing

Concrete Double Roman tiles can withstand the elements for a longer period of time due to the robustness of the material. As with other types of tile, much of this will also depend on maintenance as much as anything else.

Types of Double Roman Roof Tile

Manufacturing of the clay Double Roman tile has been reduced to a single company (Sandtoft). However, there are still a number of alternatives available on the market, primarily in concrete. Here are the types of Double Roman roof tile still widely available today.

  • Clay Single Roman: Similar to the clay double, Sandtoft has also brought this tile back onto the market through their Koramic brand. The Koramic Tempest 44 tile is the replacement for the ‘Courtrai’ single clay tile from the early 19th century. Although easier to source than the clay Double Roman, it is also mostly used on conservation projects in the UK.
  • Clay Double Roman: As we mentioned above, Sandtoft’s Bridgewater Double Roman Somerset tile is the only tile of this type manufactured today, used on special projects in certain regions of the UK.
  • Concrete Double Roman: This option is laid traditionally with interlocking technology and is provided by all the major concrete manufacturers in the UK.
  • Interlocking Concrete Double Roman: For cost-effectiveness and versatility, concrete Double Roman tiles have become the preferred choice. There is an interlocking clay version of this tile available through Sandtoft called the Modula. The Sandtoft Double Roman Concrete tile brings together the ease of installation with the classic design of the tile and is a relatively modern invention. Another great advantage this tile offers is the ability to be laid at pitches as low as 17.5°.

How Much Do Double Roman Roof Tiles Cost?

This section is intended to provide you with an idea of the level of pricing for Double Roman tiles which can range from approx: £0.96 to upwards of £4.00 per tile. To see the most up to date prices for individual products, follow the links below or visit our Double Roman tiles page.

The cost of buying Double Roman roof tiles is dictated by both the material and the type of tile required. Once the buyer has determined the performance levels required, this will quickly help to narrow down the options.

Double Roman Tiles - Roof Stores
Double Roman Tiles

For example, developers will usually opt for concrete Double Roman tiles. This is because the tile is durable, pleasing to the eye and most importantly of all is extremely cost-effective. If you're looking for more specialised projects on older buildings, or in conservation areas, then the Sandtoft single or Double Roman clay tile will probably be the right choice to maintain the property’s original character.

Double Roman Tile Pricing Examples

The Sandtoft Double Roman Concrete tile is a popular choice for property owners and developers. There is a range of colour options to choose from. Plus, this interlocking tile is quick and easy to install for a very reasonable price.

From the same pricing start point, you can also pick up the Marley Double Roman Concrete tile. This has been designed to match the classic Double Roman profile while introducing modern techniques to allow for faster installation.

At the more expensive end of the scale is the Russell Double Roman Concrete tile which comes in four traditional colours. This is another concrete tile that is laid with interlocking connections for faster and more economical performance.

For an option that is more cost-effective, the Redland 50 Double Roman Concrete tile will probably be the best option. Traditional colours allow this interlocking tile to adapt to many different environments.

How Many Double Roman Roof Tiles Are Needed Per Square Metre?

To get the most from this classic style tile you need to buy economically. This will help to manage your budget and to minimise any potential wastage. Our concise range of Double Roman roof tiles will add style and character to any property, and to help you plan more effectively the table below sets out the basics for you to determine the total amount of tiles needed for your new roof.


Type Size Square Metre Coverage
Sandtoft Double Roman Concrete Tile 420 x 334mm 10.4 tiles per m²
Redland 50 Double Roman Concrete Tile 418 x 330mm 9.7 tiles per m²
Russell Double Roman Concrete Tile 418 x 330mm 9.7 tiles per m²
Marley Double Roman Concrete Tile 420 x 330mm 9.7 tiles per m²


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