How To Save Money On A New Roof


8th February 2019

Save Money On A New Roof - Roof Stores
Save Money On A New Roof

Replacing your roof isn’t cheap and it pays to find ways to save money wherever possible, without compromising on quality. Much will depend on the materials you use and the roofing company’s quote provided to you. Below are some suggestions on how to save money on a new roof to help get you started.

Look for materials on sale

The prices you find in DIY shops won’t necessarily be the best deal you can get for your roofing materials. Many products go on sale at certain periods of the year, so it pays to keep a close eye on what deals you can find. Saving anything from 5% upwards could have a huge impact on the amount of money you spend.

Of course, you may not have this luxury if you desperately need to replace the roof in your home. But if you can afford to wait, you will most likely reap the benefits by finding a cheaper deal. Smaller, independent dealers in your area may also be open to lowering their prices for bulk buys, especially if you are able to pay in cash. Never be afraid to ask for a discount as you have got far more to gain than lose by seeing what can happen.

Time your projects so contractors aren’t busy

Most homeowners wait until the weather is warm to arrange a new roof to be installed in their home. However, roofing companies are available to work all year round and some can be less busy during the colder parts of the year. This is a good time to approach them as they may be open to offering the work at a reduced rate, just to secure the job.

Late winter and early spring is a good time to try this, which would be March to April. One thing to bear in mind is the effect the climate may have on any of the materials you plan to use, so always ask the contractors about this before starting.

Get a few estimates

You should never rely on a single quote, no matter how good the reputation of the roofing company may be. Always keep your options open and secure three estimates so you have a good spread of prices to compare. The lowest prices may sound like a good deal, but also be aware that it may not produce the best quality.

Finding the right company to work with can be tricky if it’s your first time. Good tips to remember include asking for references and examples of previous projects. Ensure the quotes include all costs for materials, labour and VAT and that it is a fixed price. Make sure they are insured too, as it will cover their workmanship and provide protection should any accidents occur on the job.


As we suggested above for roofing materials, never be worried about asking for a discount on a quote you are given. Some companies put forward a high quote expecting the customer to ask for a discount, which they are then happy to do. Others may want to find a middle ground that suits both parties. Either way, if you ask for a discount, it shows the company you are convinced with everything they have shown you except the price. They know they can win the job by being a bit more flexible and most companies are usually happy to discuss quotations further.

Take on some of the work yourself

If you have the time, the right equipment and don’t mind working on a high roof, you can always consider taking on some of the work yourself. For example, you could remove the old roofing material before the contractor arrives so they can install the new material. This could land up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run. The first thing to do is to check with the contractor before you start ripping up materials. It’s also worth remembering that this is hard, dirty work, and can be quite dangerous, and it may also be left down to you to dispose of the old materials without any help from the contractor.

Choose the right materials

Just because you are replacing the roof, it doesn’t mean you have to use exactly the same materials. There are a huge range to choose from, including concrete roof tiles and clay roof tiles, as well as roofing timber, membranes, EPDM rubber roofing for flat roofs and even accessories if they are needed.

Each one has a wide selection of product types which vary in price and quality. By balancing the two, you can still replace your roof without spending a fortune. If you need extra advice, there is plenty of advice and guides available that will help you find the right material to suit your property.

Repair if you can’t replace

If you find you can’t afford to pay for a new roof, then making small repairs will probably be the best alternative. Figure out how long ago the roof was installed and if it is close to the end of its natural ‘end of life’. That detail should either be on the warranty, or a roof inspector can help provide that information. If you still have over 10 years left, it may make more sense to carry out repairs instead of a full replacement. Making sure you aren’t spending money on a short-term fix that will soon need to be replaced and will only mean more money being spent in the near future.


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