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Roof Window Blinds Guide


12th July 2018

Our roof window blinds guide has been put together for property owners who are looking for a way to control the natural light and temperature of the room. Whether you have just installed a new roof window, or have had one in place for some time, blinds provide a cost-effective solution to numerous issues.

However, it pays to look at all the options available before making a purchase. Some blinds are designed for a particular purpose, while others provide general coverage for the room. Our roof window blinds guide will help you decide on the right one to suit your property, allowing you to balance style with everyday functionality.

What Types of Blinds are Available for Roof Windows?

When you are looking to buy blinds for your roof windows you will need to assess which type will suit your property and the effects it will have on the natural daylight it receives. Standard windows provide a wider range of blind options but those available for roof windows offer clear benefits that make their purchase easy to understand.

Roof Window Blinds - Roof Stores
Roof Window Blinds

Blackout Blinds

This type of blind is designed to block out the sun and UV rays to bring shade or complete darkness to the room. What this also means is it will help to reduce the temperature in the room depending on how low or high the blind is set at any one time.

This is an ideal solution if a loft space has been converted into a bedroom. The blackout material will keep the room dark enough to rest in the morning, during the summer months in particular. Take a look at the VELUX DKL Blackout Blind UK08 which integrates perfectly with roof windows and comes in a range of different colours including black, white grey and blue.

Pleated Blinds

Where a blackout blind will keep the sun out completely if required, a pleated blind diffuses the sunlight to produce a more subdued level of natural light in the room. If space has been made into a work or play area, this solution ensures the room remains habitable without being dominated by bright sunshine. Most of the heat and UV rays will be kept out too, which helps to keep the room temperature at a manageable level.

Venetian Blinds

Much like the Venetian blinds used on conventional windows, the mechanism allows full control over the amount of light coming into the room at any one time. This style of blind also provides a good level of privacy and security if you need to keep prying eyes from seeing into the room.

Roller Blinds

A more traditional option that works in the same way as any other type of roller blind. They can be purchased in a range of colours, similar to the VELUX RFL Roller Blind U08 Size, which comes in white, black, beige, dark blue and natural. There are even electric and solar-powered upgrades available to make them even easier to use throughout the course of the day.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Blinds

Picking the right kind of blinds for your roof window will make a world of difference. Read on to learn more about why it's essential to make the right choice.

Roof Window Blinds - Roof Stores
Roof Window Blinds

  • Light control: Choosing the right blind to suit the space below will ensure you can make the most of the room. The main purpose of any blind is to control the amount of light coming into the property. Installing one for a roof window will help you maximise the use of your space.
  • Room temperature: By blocking out part – or all – of the light, you will also be able to manage the temperature of the room. Even without any heating in operation, a room can still feel extremely warm and uncomfortable during the summer months. Adding that all important shade will allow you to relax or work without being distracted or unable to focus due to excessive heat.
  • Privacy: For homeowners living on a residential street or in a built-up area, your roof window may still allow neighbours to see inside the loft or extension. Installing the right blind will ensure you get the level of privacy you need. This is especially true for bathrooms and bedrooms. These are rooms where you need to be able to relax without worrying about others being able to see inside.

Roof Window Blinds Price Guide

For the most up to date pricing on our roof window blinds, follow the links in the table below or browse Roof Stores' products selection to find the right fit.

There are numerous different size options designed to match specific windows. With so many available, we have handpicked a small section of roller blinds and blackout blinds to give you a good idea of price across a spread of various sizes:

 Type Size
VELUX RFL Roller Blind M08 Size 78 x 140cm
VELUX RFL Roller Blind UK08 134 x 140cm
VELUX RFL Roller Blind F06 Size 66 x 118cm
VELUX RFL Roller Blind UK04 134 x 98cm
VELUX DKL Blackout Blind UK08 134 x 140cm
VELUX DKL Blackout Blind F06 Size 66 x 118cm
VELUX DKL Blackout Blind C02 Size 55 x 78cm
VELUX DKL Blackout Blind C01 Size 55 x 70cm

How to Maintain Your Blinds

Cleaning your roof window blinds is key to ensuring they remain in good working order. Much like maintaining the blinds used on conventional windows, regular checks go a long way to expanding their lifespan:

  • Dust the blinds regularly to maintain their appearance. This is especially important for Venetian blinds with each slat requiring a light wipe to keep them dust free.
  • You can spot-clean roof window blinds with a soft sponge or cloth that has been moistened with lukewarm water. Avoid rubbing the fabric and dab gently to remove the stain.
  • Vacuum the blind using the brush attachment with care to help remove dirt and dust from the surface.
  • Avoid using magnetic cleaners on blackout materials as this will damage its effectiveness.
  • When it comes to cleaning the window always spray the cleaning fluid onto the cloth. Don't aim directly for the window to avoid it splashing onto the nearby fabric.
  • All shades are recommended to use inside only, even if they appear suitable for outdoor use.


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