How To Install A Soffit


21st November 2018

How To Install A Soffit - Roof Stores
How To Install A Soffit

How To Install A Soffit

You do not have to be a DIY expert to install a soffit onto the roofline of your home. However, you will still need some guidance on how to fix them into place properly, so the job is completed to a high standard.

If you have installed a fascia before then you will have some idea of what this task involves. If not, read on to find out how to install a fascia onto your home.

Step-By-Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install a soffit onto your roofline. This will enable you to find the right measurements as well as perfectly securing the soffit into place. If you are in need of a reliable soffit board to use for the installation, take a look at the Homeline Hollow Soffit White that has a 300mm width and is 5m long.

  1. Before you begin you need to find the measurements and dimensions of the area requiring the soffit. Panels can be purchased in 5-metre lengths that are usually 300mm wide. Buy enough soffit to cover the required area and between 5-10% extra to account for any overlaps or wastage.
  2. The next thing to do is to check the surfaces to ensure they are straight and even. If there are any loose boards, make sure these are reattached in case they affect the installation. Remove any trim that is currently in place along with the guttering from the side of the house. Take time during this part as they can be damaged easily. If you are planning on installing new gutters then this will not matter.
  3. Use either an ‘F’ trim/channel or a ‘J’ trim/channel as the receiving channels. These should be held in place by nails with a gap of 12 inches in-between each one. When you have to attach a soffit around the corner of the property, leave a ¼ inch gap to allow for the expansion of the walls.
  4. Next, measure from the wall to the fascia and take off half an inch for any movement that may occur. Then cut the soffit panels to the required length. A standard saw works fine to cut through the panel cleanly and safely.
  5. Now it is time to install the panels. This should be done one at a time into the channel, making sure the panels are at a 90-degree angle with the wall. Nail each panel into position and ensure the grooves of each one is in line with the others alongside them.

How To Install A Soffit - Roof Stores
How To Install A Soffit

What You’ll Need

Below is a small list of tools you’ll need in order to fit the soffit boards into place correctly:

  • Soffit panels
  • Channel strips
  • Panel fascia
  • Pry bar
  • Tape measure
  • Hand saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Ladder
  • Siding
  • Framing square

Health and Safety Tips

The importance of safety when carrying out any DIY job around the home can never be overstated. Taking the time to ensure the right precautions are in place to avoid any potential accidents will allow you to remain safe so the job is competed without any problems.

  • Ladder safety

Before stepping onto, and going up, a ladder to begin work you should always check it is in good condition. If you haven’t used it for some time then open it out to ensure the rungs are still secure and the hinges are strong enough. You will be going up and down the ladder a number of times with tools so it has to be able to bear your weight. Also check the floor is even, that there are no obstacles in the way, and that the ladder is stable at all times when using it.

  • Tool safety

The safety of your tools should never be taken for granted and it is helpful to check they are working correctly before you go up the ladder to use them. Tools need to be handled correctly, especially as you are standing on a ladder and you do not want any reason to suddenly jolt or jump so you lose your balance.

  • Outdoor temperatures

Working outside exposes you to higher temperatures throughout the year and it can have an effect on your ability to do the job at hand in the hotter summer months. Take frequent breaks when installing the fascia and if you feel faint or dizzy at any time then stop what you are doing immediately.

  • Organise your workspace

A large number of accidents occur when the immediate workspace is messy and disorganised. Do not leave dangerous tools lying around that can be stepped on by yourself or anyone around you. If you have any children or pets make sure they are kept well away from the area while you are working.


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