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FIX-R FLEXI-GRP Roofing Kits

The new FIX-R FLEXI-GRP Roofing Kits include all the components you will need in order to successfully install a GRP roof. There are ten different kits to choose from with varying sizes, coverage rates and application types.


FIX-R FLEXI-GRP is the evolution of standard GRP by giving a seamless, flexible finish that won’t crack or peel. In addition to new OSB3 roofs, FIX-R FLEXI-GRP can be applied to existing stripped decks (if in suitable condition). It can also be used as an overlay on a variety of substrates such as Single Ply, GRP, Concrete, Asphalt and Bitumen.


Smooth kits are suitable for use on GRP, new Single Ply, worn Felt, smooth Concrete/ Screed and OSB3 TG4.


Medium kits are suitable for use on Mineral Felt, medium-finish Concrete, medium-finish Asphalt, OSB3 TG4, uneven GRP and uneven Single Ply.


Rough kits are suitable for use on old Concrete/ Screed, rough Asphalt and Cementitious Panels.



  • Can be used on old or new surfaces over a variety of substrates.
  • Cold-applied and will mould to any shape.
  • No additional topcoat required.
  • Quick application and cure times.
  • 20 and 25-year product warranty options​.
  • EXT FAA Fire Rating on OSB3 Deck.



  • Can’t be applied to damp or wet surfaces.
  • All surfaces must be primed before use.
  • Must be mixed in small batches (up to 8KG) due to the rapid curing properties.
  • Requires a longer weather window.
  • Requires a reasonable level of skill for installation.

All safety data sheets and additional product information can be found on the FIX-R website.

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