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The Benefits of Roof Windows

12th July 2018

The beneficial aspects of roof windows ensure that they not only prove to be a shrewd financial investment, but also one that improves quality of life at home. While some may view their installation as little more than an aesthetic design feature, roof windows play an important role in allowing homeowners to make full use of their property.

They are also one of the few alterations made to a property that will produce a tangible return on their investment in the long run. Whether it is saving money due to less reliance on artificial lighting or making part of the property a more habitable space, roof windows are an extremely cost-effective and practical solution.

What are the Main Benefits of Roof Windows?

There are numerous benefits to installing a roof lighting solution - here are the some of the most immediately noticeable:

A Source of Direct Light

Introducing more light into any room brings several benefits to your living or work space. Firstly, lighting helps to increase the appearance of size in a room. This doesn’t mean changing the actual dimensions but creating the illusion of more space which is extremely beneficial for smaller rooms.

More light also has a direct effect on anyone living or working in the space, as they will feel more energised, place less strain on their eyes and generally feel in a better mood.

Benefits of Roof Windows - Roof Stores
Benefits of Roof Windows

Ventilation of Rooms Below

Good air quality in the home will ensure a better standard of living. Ventilation is important, not only for managing condensation from humid areas of the house like the bathroom and kitchen, but also for keeping a controlled temperature.

This is particularly important during the summer months when sustained periods of heat can make living spaces feel particularly uncomfortable. Roof windows provide ventilation in these rooms to make your day-to-day life that bit easier.

Avoid Noise Pollution

Dealing with external noise can prove to be a stressful problem to overcome if it persists. Whether it’s a noisy neighbour or traffic from a nearby busy road, noise pollution in the home quickly affects your quality of life. Reinforced roof windows provide the ideal solution to this.

If you have windows in a bedroom, then at night, noise may be an issue either from traffic or weather. Sleeping or working could be distracted as a result. In a single storey extension, this may be less of a concern, but different glazing options can help reduce the impact of noise.

Triple or even quadruple glazed windows provide a strong acoustic barrier against noise transmission that will significantly lower the level of sound travelling into the structure.

Lower Energy Bills

Roof windows improve the thermal insulation in a property all year round which will quickly be seen on the energy bills. It is rare that an alteration to the structure can offer tangible returns but with a better energy balance comes a reduction in bills.

Spaces that were previously more resistant to retaining heat will now benefit from the roof window being in place allowing you to lower energy expenditure.

What Benefits Does a Roof Light Have on a Living Space?

Installing a roof light instantly makes spaces below seem more habitable and enjoyable to spend time in. Moving home is more expensive than ever which is why the demand for loft conversions and extensions continues to surge. These will naturally require a source of light which a roof window easily provides.

Roof Light - Roof Stores
Roof Light

Spaces in the home that were dark and unused now become populated and feel far more welcoming, whether it is a home office, playroom, bedroom or any other type of habitable living space. The benefits of direct sunlight also fill us with more energy, reduces fatigue and plays a fundamentally important role in keeping us mentally and physically healthy.

Does a Roof Window Help with Roofing Maintenance?

Ensuring there is a safe route of access to the roof is key to proper maintenance over time. More often than not, homeowners will have to rely on using a ladder to go up onto the roof to perform their yearly checks and cleaning routines. This is one of the reasons a roof can become neglected and problems start to occur, as the thought of clambering up and down a ladder at the side of the property can be less than appealing.

The installation of a roof window can simplify the process of flat roof maintenance. It also provides a clear line of sight for properties with pitched roofs. This allows professionals to quickly check for clogged gutters, drainage problems or cracked/broken tiles that need replacing. Being able to identify and fix a problem on the roof will prevent the problem from progressively getting worse. This will ultimately save a lot of money on potential repair work that should’ve occurred sometime before.

Pitched roof windows are relatively easy to maintain assuming you have unrestricted access.  Top-hung and centre-pivot windows can be turned inwards to allow cleaning from within a property.

Are Roof Lighting Solutions Eco-Friendly?

In today’s world, there is a growing need to be as lean and eco-friendly as possible. This is a responsibility that not only manufacturers have to take into consideration in terms of the processes and materials used to make their products but also for consumers and homeowners.

This is why roof lights play an important role in the modern home due to their eco-friendly properties that encourage less use of artificial light. This leads to improved energy efficiency and creates less of a reliance on electricity, bringing down consumption and proving to be a highly effective green solution.


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